LOS ANGELES — With the Big Star coming to Los Angeles to take on the Rams, San Antonio has its representative from the City of Stars.

 "The one talent I have, had and still have is the ability to tell a good story,” 92-year-old Hollywood producer Marcia Nasatir said.

One walk inside Nasatir's apartment showcases her talents in showbiz. Posters prominently displaying her hit films like The Big Chill, Hamburger Hill and Ironweed squeeze tightly down a narrow hallway. That wall even includes a memo suggesting her studio buy a film directed by George Lucas called Star Wars.

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 “I like when I’m right, it doesn’t happen often,” Nasatir said tongue-in-cheek.

The Jefferson High School product has worked with the biggest stars in the industry throughout her career.

"I've been in the movie business 50 years, oh great, maybe I'll get a gold watch or something,” Nasatir said with a laugh.

Nasatir’s longevity is a product of her strength, something she learned growing up in San Antonio.

 "As a girl, I played sports. It's sports that is the American underbelly,” Nasatir said. “That is probably why I am whoever I am. It was my older brother and younger brother and they let me play with them."

That experience blended together with a passionate hobby.

"When I started going to the movies, it cost ten cents at the Uptown Theatre in San Antonio," Nasatir said.

See, Nasatir was never afraid of being a woman in a man's world, which is exactly how she became the first female vice president of a major Hollywood Studio at United Artists.

"We live with the idea of titles and at that time I thought being a Vice President would make people have respect for what my job was," Nasatir said.

Now, after logging half a century in the biz, respect is never in question…

And neither is who she is rooting for in Saturday's game.

"To close this really interesting discussion about myself, I want to say Go Cowboys!" Nasatir said, laughing.