Being a card-carrying clotheshorse is not a requirement to look good at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. Looking like you're capable of rounding up the right western gear is a horse of another color.

"You sort to sort of tie everything together," Xavier Jimenez said.

Jimenez works at the Boot Barn at La Cantera Pkwy. He said if you're going to be rodeo ready your foundation must coordinate.

"You're thinking let me match the hat with the belt and the boot," Jimenez said.

Add a convincing shirt that helps you stand out a little bit more with some nice fitted jeans he said. According to the stylist, western wear has evolved. Customers can dress as conservative or as bold as they please.

The cowboy hat (felt), embroidered shirt, men's Kamen boots, belt, and jeans cost $1,119.26.

If you're shopping on a budget The Goodwill Store may have the options you need.

"We're talking jeans as low as $6.99," Penny Benavidez said. "Most of our shirts are $4.29. You can get a pair of boots for $19.99 maybe $39.99 just depending on the brand."

Come prepared to search at the Goodwill. The shopping for this article didn't yield any boots or a cowboy hat that would fit. It did produce a George Strait plaid shirt, jeans, Banana Republic short sleeve mini-check shirt and a belt for $40.32.

The Boot Barn and Goodwill offer apparel for women and children too.

Jimenez said some parents like to wear matching outfits with their children. That's an option easily found at the Boot Barn.