SAN ANTONIO — Mutton Bustin' is the highlight of the night for many parents at the San Antonio Rodeo. Chubby-cheek kids hold on to the backs of sheep for dear life as their woolly friends trot aimlessly across the arena. Rodeo fans erupt in cheers from the stands as these bite-sized Bravehearts bust through the gates.

KENS 5 had a unique perspective on the fun Tuesday night. We went behind the scenes with a group of Mutton Busters to learn how these kiddos get Rodeo Ready.

We asked a handful of the kids about their preparation process, and their responses were priceless.

KENS5: "What do you do to get Rodeo Ready?"

Kacelyn: "I have to put my pants on."

Bryson: "I take protein."

Logan: "I drink water…that’s all."

Arora and T.C. showed us their game faces as they modeled how they planned to hold on. Each of the kids we spoke with gave us exclusive access to their secret grip tactics. Most of those tactics consisted of simply clinching every muscle in their little bodies until they either blacked out or fell off the sheep.

Moments before running out to the gate to mount their fuzzy steed, rodeo volunteers warmed the kids up with funny ice-breaker dances, stretches, and another quick rundown of what to expect. By that point in the process, no parents were present. Those courageous kids grasped the fleece and faced their fears one at a time to the anthem of thousands of roaring fans.

“All you got to do is just hold on tight,” said Bryson confidently. Logan ended the night with the winning score of 85 points.

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