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Getting Rodeo Ready with Miss Rodeo Texas

Meet the equestrian queen, who isn't afraid to get her boots dirty while serving at the San Antonio Rodeo.

SAN ANTONIO — She’s the daring darling that trots through the rodeo arena on her signature black horse with flag in hand. Don’t let the sweet smile and decorated cowgirl hat fool you. Miss Rodeo Texas Samantha Cayton works hard to get Rodeo Ready, and she took KENS 5 behind the gates to learn more about her routine.

“We are Rodeo queens,” Cayton said. “It says, ‘Rodeo’ in it for a reason. That’s what we’re here to represent. We’re public figures, but we’re here to work.”

Cayton was crowned Miss Rodeo Texas the summer of 2018 and has been on the road ever since, serving as an ambassador for the rodeo in various Texas cities. She proudly embraces an attitude of service and a detailed knowledge about rodeo history and culture, along with a masterful skill set in horsemanship. She spends much of her time sharing with the next generation through the School Tours program on the grounds before each rodeo event.

“There’s a lot that goes into getting Rodeo Ready, because it’s not just the rodeo that I partake in every day,” said Cayton. “I can do anything from school tours, media interviews, hospital visits, so my days tend to start pretty early.”

From her hair and makeup routine to speaking at events and meeting rodeo fans, Cayton’s days are often unpredictable. She equips herself by clinging to her favorite hobbies and finding time quiet time to pray, exhale, and reflect on her journey.

“[Getting ready] is a mental thing, and you have to be able to relax, and just deal with it as it comes at you, because that’s life," she said. "Just have peace with yourself, and [know] that’s it’s all going to play out, and that God’s always on your side. You’ll be able to handle anything that comes at you.”     

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