SAN ANTONIO — You find yourself at yet another event [insert wedding, birthday party, reunion, etc.] and as you watch the guests dance to 'Shout', you decide now is the perfect time to sneak away and snap some photos from the photo booth before the line gets too long. 

The only problem is... you don't see a photo booth anywhere in sight. 

Instead, you notice woman inviting people into what looks like a modern version of a classic VW bus. "Hmmm," you think as you walk over to check it out.

As you get closer, you see that the side of the bus reads, "Hitch The Photo Trailer" and people aren't just hanging out, they're getting their photos taken inside the trailer!

Hitch the photo trailer is more than what it appears. Sure on the outside, it looks like a VW bus, but on the inside, you'll find a welcoming space equipped with top-of-the-line technology. 

"It creates a really cool environment for guests at the event, that they can come in, hang out inside, have their picture taken," Courtney Slade, owner and operator of Hitch, explains. 

Slade, a photographer by trade, came up with the idea because she wanted to break out of the "norm" of traditional event photography. 

"I wanted to be able to have something that was mobile, but still something that could be physically at an event and give me the ability to move around and also be the fun person at weddings, and parties and things like that."

Hitch has only been around for a year, but the 1960s-inspired photo booth on wheels has been making the rounds and making impressions at events in San Antonio, Austin, and surrounding areas. 

"Getting to be a part of the community and getting to be recognized throughout town, and getting to drive through and people are honking and waving at you, giving you a thumbs up-- it's just really neat."

While the look of the photo trailer is unique, Slade says that it's the custom experience Hitch offers that sets it apart. 

"We do custom props and backgrounds, so no matter what type of event you're doing we can tailor it to match your style, your colors... whatever it is that you want, your clients and guests to remember you by."

And with the capability to share those moments in an instant while also holding onto the physical copies as keepsakes, Hitch ensures that your event won't be one that's forgotten anytime soon. 

"Our fridge is covered in prints and they make great little bookmarks and you find them in your purse... it's just a great little memory that you'll think of that time and smile."

If you're interested in making your event unforgettable, you can head over to their website for more information on reservations and pricing. 

So tell your Aunt Susan to put down the wine (or bring it along) and get into the photo trailer ASAP!