Richard A. Sparr, who was named the new "King Antonio" on Saturday, celebrated his reign at the King's Ball at the St. Anthony Hotel in downtown San Antonio.

Sparr thanked the crowd after he was crowed in the annual ceremony in the Alamo on Saturday evening.

The tradition of naming a king to preside over Fiesta began in 1896. King Antonio is selected from the ranks of the Texas Cavaliers.

After their ceremonies, the king and queen of Fiesta head over to the historic St. Anthony Hotel on E. Travis Street to celebrate.

"It's a party for 800 people. We're utilizing all of our ballroom spaces, including our lobby, and extending the party to the street to give ourselves some extra space," said Wendy Haralson, marketing manager at the St. Anthony Hotel. "The hotel has been a part of Fiesta since the early 1920’s. The Texas Cavaliers, the organization that helps run the river parade and has King Antonio, had meetings here at the hotel."

Co-owner of The St. Anthony Hotel, Clyde Johnson, has served as a Texas Cavalier since 2006 and is this year’s River Parade Marshall.

The hotel is also celebrating 109 years in business, and with Fiesta in full swing, it's all hands on deck.

"When you walk into this building, you immediately feel a sense of awe and elegance," Haralson said.

King Antonio will visit schools, hospitals, and community groups during his reign throughout the year.