SAN ANTONIO — Fiesta is now in full swing and people across the city are gearing up for the parades happening this week.

It takes a lot of hard work to pull off the perfect party, and Robert Trevino knows just how to do it. “We spend $400 in meat, and then everybody brings me more meat,” he said.

Trevino has been returning to the same spot for over 30 years to watch the Fiesta parades—and it’s in the most unlikely spot, under the I-35 overpass on a stretch of Broadway.

It’s the perfect spot to celebrate Fiesta and right along the routes for the Battle of Flowers Parade on Friday, and the Fiesta Flambeau Parade on Saturday.

“My dad used to bring me back in the 70's when I was a I was a baby,” he said. “I just kept coming back.”

Trevino marked out his spot on Friday, a whole week before the parades, but said he maintains the property all year. “I'm a hard-working man and I'll mow all this lawn with a push lawn mower,” he said.

Other people had marked off their spots along Broadway by chaining down lawn chairs across the sidewalks.

But no one has ever messed with Trevino’s location. “Through the years, I kept claiming my spot, and now, I guess everybody knows it is my spot, so they give me the respect and so nobody bothers it no more,” Trevino said.

Trevino said he enjoys putting on the party, especially for his family.

“They’ve been doing it since they were young, and then to bring the tradition down, it just means a lot to them, so it means a lot to me,” said Trevino’s daughter, Suzy Trevino.

Trevino said he expects at least 60 to 70 people during the parades, and loves watching everyone enjoy the celebration.

“My favorite part is seeing everybody with a smile on their face, having a great time, enjoying themselves,” said Trevino. “I love it out here."


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