SAN ANTONIO - Fiesta is truly a party with a purpose bringing in a huge economic impact for our city.

The Fiesta San Antonio Commission just finished an economic impact study with the University of Texas-San Antonio business school and the direct impact is $340.1 million for our local economy.

“We didn't really do an event by event summary, but consolidated the total economic impact,” Executive Director of Fiesta San Antonio Commission Amy Shaw said.

The study also finds 2.5 million people participate in Fiesta events throughout the 11-day celebration. Along with about 20 percent who travel a good distance and around 80 percent of visitors are within driving distance.

“When you look at the spending of those non-local attendees, they are spending about $188 million in San Antonio during Fiesta,” Shaw said.

That money goes to hotels, restaurants and more but as far as the money the actual events raise, it's a large spectrum.

“There’s money that's raised for medical research, social services, historic preservations and a lot of scholarships,” Shaw said.

To be a part of the party with a purpose, Fiesta San Antonio kicks off on April 20. For ticket and event information head to