We just said adios to Fiesta 2017 and plans are already under way for next year's big party.

This year's event kicked off with Fiesta Fiesta, which was held at Hemisfair Park for the first time in the festival's history. Fiesta San Antonio Commission Executive Director Amy Shaw considered it a major move.

"We moved to Hemisfair and estimates were that we had 20,000 people attending," Shaw said.

That's compared to 12,000 people last year and only 10,000 the year before, when the event was held in Alamo Plaza.

Throughout the two week-long event, 100 non-profits hosted 100 events to support their causes. Last year, the economic impact was $340 Million. The numbers from this year are still being tallied.

"It's always been a family affair," said Otto Garza, who attended Fiesta with his family. "We did NIOSA this year. We did the day parade and, of course, we all know that was very hot."

The commission said that weather was the biggest challenge that they faced.

"The Fiesta carnival had it's best year in about three years," Shaw said. "I think if they hadn't had so much heat on Friday and predictions of bad weather on Saturday night they might have even hit a new record."

Non-profit groups interested in participating in Fiesta 2018 can apply to do so with the commission up until September 1, 2017.