SAN ANTONIO — It’s hard not to fall for everything Fiesta - from the music, to the colors, to the medals. Fiesta medals have grown to be a popular part of the city's largest festival.

Natasha Gonzales can attest to that. She is the co-owner of Mira Medals, a business that creates fiesta medal’s that give back to charitable groups.

"It’s a huge part of what we do," she told KENS 5 on Monday. 

It’s a huge part of Fiesta. The proceeds for many of the medal sales go to charity.

Most of them.

"We actually had one of our medals go for $250 on eBay last year," Gonzales said.

While that may sound exciting to some, it wasn't Gonzales that sold it. Someone went to the online marketplace and resold the medal, so none of the $250 made its way to the charitable group the sale was supposed to benefit. 

"It is a little upsetting it’s a little disheartening to know that some people are taking advantage," Gonzales said.

eBay has been a source for people to re-sell medals and for steep dollars some of these charitable groups never see. Our Ellen Medal that we have been giving away sold this week for $56.

While some are using the online market for personal gain others are doing a bit of the opposite. 

San Antonio native Leigh Henderson loves medals; she even created one for her wedding. So when she lost her aunt to cancer just before Fiesta season, she knew she had to do something. 

"My goal was able to donate $500 to the American Cancer Society, in her honor," Henderson told KENS 5 over the phone on Monday. 

She created an Alamo Plaza Monopoly medal to raise those proceeds. She put the medal on eBay, and within a few minutes, it sold for $100. 

"It definitely took me by surprise. I was not expecting that," she said. 

Henderson says the second place bidder also reached out to her and purchased one for $100 as well. While Henderson is indifferent of medal sales for personal profit,  she does love that many of the proceeds go towards charitable groups. 

Besides, isn’t that what Fiesta is for? 

"It’s partying with a purpose," Gonzales said. 

"So it’s giving back. Whether its proceeds to charities or just coming to events, knowing that the money is going back to the community." 

Gonzales urges anyone looking to buy medals online to try to find the source of the medals first. That way you know where the money is going.