At Fiesta on Main, the line starts growing the minute they open their doors and doesn’t stop until they close.

“It’s getting busier as Fiesta is coming along,” said Luis Pineda, a floor manager at Fiesta on Main.

Luis has been working for the Fiesta store for 16 years, but this year he says it’s busier than ever.

“I think people are excited about the 300 year anniversary of San Antonio,” he said.

The store is trying to keep up with demand, but customers are clearing their shelves at both of their store locations.

“We’ve run out of a lot of stuff, like the donkey pinatas for decorations for the wreaths, a lot of decorations for homes like the small pell pecato that we have,” he said. “All of those are handmade in Mexico. It takes a little bit for it to get here but eventually we’re going to have more right before Fiesta.”

And if this year is your first time at Fiesta, there’s at least one thing you’d better have.

“You have to have a halo and have to have a dress,” Myca Lopez said.

“If they can get some straw necklaces for the men, just to show you’re in the festive mood,” Pineda said.

For both Fiesta stores and Fiesta-goers, this is only the beginning.

“We’re ready, you know,” he said. “We just cleared out a lot of merchandise already. A lot of people are coming in and we’re just trying to get more.”