SAN ANTONIO — Today was Krys Turner's first time donating to the Battered Women and Children's Shelter, and her timing couldn't be better.

"There's like six to seven bags of clothes, and there's shoes, and there's belts, and there's hats," said Turner. "I cleaned out quite a bit."

Domestic abuse victims will always find these items important, but these items may be even more valuable in the coming weeks. Fiesta can bring out a dark side in party-goers, according to Judge Rosie Speedlin Gonzalez.

"You see an increase in calls to SAPD and the Sheriff's office," she explained. "It's that liquid courage. They start to disregard what other people think of them. It's that loss of inhibition, where they start to act out in front of strangers."

The judge presides over domestic violence courts and sees an increase in violence between partners, parents and children, and siblings this time every year.

"In couples which the violence might already be a dynamic between them, alcohol might increase the probability of violence taking place," she said.

While some abuse is physical, the judge explained that abuse can be verbal or psychological too.

Support systems like the Battered Women and Children's Shelter are vital for these victims, but the judge hopes bystanders will speak out too.

"If you see someone slapping someone around, or someone who's not taking care of their children appropriately, be that person who says 'hey - you need to stop drinking,'" she said.

The Battered Women and Children's Donation Center is open Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Domestic abuse victims can call their 24-hour domestic abuse hotline at 210-733-8810.

The Rape Crisis Center in San Antonio, which offers free and confidential counseling, is open 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday - Saturday. Their 24-hour hotline is accessible at 210-349-7273.