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A look inside the Flower Vault, including Christmas installations

"Bring someone special with you, bring a friend, bring your family and come and make memories."

SAN ANTONIO — If you're looking to take photos that you can post for your social media followers, then the Flower Vault might be for you. Especially if you're looking to snap a photo for a holiday card.

"Bring someone special with you, bring a friend, bring your family and come and make memories," said Co-owner and Creator Sarah Forrest.

She told KENS 5 how they have five Christmas installations right now, as well as beautiful flower-type backgrounds to pose in front of.

"We're really excited to have people come and make memories with their family and friends this holiday season. Maybe making up for lost time and lost activities for the past couple of years," said Forrest.

We got an exclusive look when the Vault when it was closed to the public. 

Giant Christmas present installation

Credit: KENS 5

"You can get inside and pop out like you're the present," said Forrest.

Classic candy cane room 

Credit: KENS 5

"The whole room is covered in candy canes," said Forrest. Also, you can take a candy cane from the wall to eat!

Floral Christmas trees

Credit: KENS 5

"Really beautiful, popping with all different colors of flowers," said Forrest.

Wreath swing

Credit: KENS 5

"A fan favorite. You can sit on it and swing away. And there is mistletoe on top so you can bring that special someone to sit under with," said Forrest.

Forrest said she created this local business because she wants to bring joy to people

"It's my favorite to just hear the laughter in another room every single hour. We just have laughter filling the space. People are having fun while they're taking pictures," said Forrest.

And KENS 5 is the first to hear -- the fun is going to continue a bit longer!

"We'll be open through May here in the same spot and we'll be having some new installations along with our classic flower ones," said Forrest.

If you want to check out the Flower Vault, you can find them at 18402 US Highway 281 North, Ste. 101. They're only open on the weekends, so you'll want to plan ahead. You can buy tickets here.

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