SAN ANTONIO — The Pop Princess is already in the Alamo City. Ariana Grande made a surprise stop Wednesday night at HEAT nightclub on north Main.

She was treated to performances by high-energy drag queens. Anthony Flores, who goes by Miss Toni Andrews, was on stage and knew he had to put on a show. 

"I was like, 'Oh my God! Oh my God!,'" the performer said. "I just said, 'B****, get into it, get into it. Bring out your inner JLo, Madonna, Ariana, Rhianna—everything."

The entertainer wasn't even supposed to perform the superstar's songs. But he was ready to switch things up. 

"So the music starts, (and) it is a mash-up I could hear her little voice, 'Yas, queen!' I could hear it. I could hear it."

 At one point, Grande was so moved she bowed down to Andrews and even left a tip. Andrews and another performer, Nilaya, were featured on Grande's Instagram.

The two have since received a lot of attention. 

"For her to go out there and support the LGBTQ community is so comforting, knowing that she is going to sit there and support what we do on-stage," Andrews said.

Grande is scheduled to perform at the AT&T Center Friday night.