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'A true Texas experience'; Trying an 8-inch tall burger at The Hunt Store | Neighborhood Eats

People come from all over the country to embrace the Lone Star State’s culture. So, of course, they must have Texas-sized eats.

HUNT, Texas — Have you ever seen an eight inch tall burger? Well, if you haven't, you need to head to The Hunt Store.

This week on Neighborhood Eats, a KENS 5 original series, we visited the famous store to try the tall menu item called the Clint Burger. But, that's not all they're known for in the small town.

"We find ourselves to be a true Texas experience," said Owner and Operator Steven King. "From a great wine selection to a great place to just sit with your friends and have a beer with live music on Friday and on Saturday nights," he said when describing the wooden building that has everything from a restaurant to groceries to a bank.

People come from all over the country to embrace the Lone Star State’s culture. So, of course, they must have Texas-sized eats.

"I wanted to drive around the state of Texas and find the best chicken fried steaks," said King. "I never found the time to do that, so we just created it here."

They only have chicken fried steak every Thursday. But, when they do, the crowds line up. They sell an average of 150 plates every week!

Credit: Lexi Hazlett/KENS 5

"The secret really is in the gravy," General Manager Marcus Duarte said. "It's a yellow bourbon gravy with several ingredients in it."

But how about a sandwich with cornbread for buns? It's called The Beast.

Credit: Lexi Hazlett/KENS 5

"We did that on jalapeno cornbread and it's got marble brisket. All our meats are done ourselves. We used King Sausage in there. And on top of that, it's bacon, jalapeno, onion, pepper jack cheese," said Duarte.

But, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: The Clint.

Credit: Lexi Hazlett/KENS 5

"That would be our destination stop," said Duarte. "We start with a half pound patty with cheese and ham, then another half pound patty with our King Sausage, then another half pound patty with our bacon. We use three onion rings and then lettuce, tomato -- whatever the customer wants."

The employees making it know they’re creating amazing eats.

"I truly believe that it's the love that people put into it. The crew that we have here and the staff that we have here are dedicated," said Duarte.

We spoke to a few customers who raved about the store.

"I've lived here for 30 years now and The Hunt Store is more than just a store; it's a gathering place," said Jerry Griffin. It was his wife's dream to retire in the Texas Hill Country. He made it happen. And he has definitely made his mark! It's a place to unwind after a thriving career with NASA.

We spoke to another customer, Christy Garrison, who was even wearing a "Hunt, Texas" T-shirt! "I actually worked here years ago," she said. "It's just a great place to be."

For more details about The Hunt Store, and the town itself, click here.

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