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'It's nostalgia that feeds this concept'; Beignet burgers, chicken sandwiches and breakfast served at new brick and mortar | Neighborhood Eats

This small, local business has gained a loyal following. And their menu items are loaded with flavor.

SAN ANTONIO — From operating a pop-up to owning a brick and mortar, we've been following the journey of The Beignet Stand for a while. And when they invited us out to taste their epic beignets with a twist, the answer was, "Yes, we'll be there."

"We're a small local business, and we're doing something special," said co-founder of The Beignet Stand Elisa Treviño.

Her husband, as well as chef and co-founder Michael Grimes, also told us, "We're really fortunate and blessed that the majority of our guests are already walking up with a smile, even before they try our food."

It all began when they utilized San Antonio's program, Launch SA. Elisa told us how they teach you everything you need to know about running and operating a food business.

That go-getter mindset led them to start the pop-up at the Pearl on 312 Pearl Parkway years ago. Even with the brick and mortar, they're still going to be there on Saturday and Sunday.

But, the brick and mortar will be open on 8343 Broadway every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

It's been a long time coming. But, Elisa said, it was so worth it.

"Leading up to that day, there were so many sacrifices and challenges that we overcame. To have so much support was just really incredible," she said.

But, they don’t just serve the classic beignet with powdered sugar; they have full on meals.

The Chicken Sandwich

Credit: Lexi Hazlett/KENS 5

"That has the beignet utilized as a bun. We have our house mayo, pickles, our three-step breading for the chicken, spicy syrup, and then the top coating gets powdered sugar," said Michael.

Grab some napkins! It gets messy. But man oh man is it good!

The Beignet Burger

Credit: Lexi Hazlett/KENS 5

"I love utilizing local flavors. And one of my favorite meats is of course is pastor," said Michael. "We utilized beef short rib brisket and shoulder clod for that. And then we marinate it with our pastor-style marinade overnight before we serve it." 

The Breakfast Beignet

Credit: Lexi Hazlett/KENS 5

It's loaded with Canadian bacon and the fluffiest egg you'll see.

"This concept has been so good because it's nostalgia that feeds this concept," said Michael. "Everybody remembers their first beignet."

Elisa agreed, saying, "That's what the food is all about -- leaning into that nostalgic experience and feeling, and having the emotion behind it."

Click here to explore their website with their full menu.

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