SAN ANTONIO — The authentic flavor at 2818 West Avenue has been a long time coming. Owner Luis Cerrillo started Taquitos West Avenue as a taco stand on the street.

“He actually started it on the street over there with just one grill making tacos,” Alondra Esparza said.

Esparza, 20, was a customer of Taquitos West Avenue before becoming an employee. She said Cerrillo went into business in 2008. He ditched the taco stand for a brick and mortar restaurant that feels like drive-in dining.

The concept of the restaurant has not changed. Taquitos West Avenue focuses on Mexican street-style tacos. Don’t even think about asking for rice or beans because they do not exist on the menu. But there are six tacos to choose from.

“We mix them up with salsa. We have different vegetables,” she said. ” But we are strictly just tacos.”

Five of those are available during the week: Tripas, lengua, cabeza, bistek, and suadero. The sixth, el pastor, is sold on the weekends only. Tacos are $1.57 each or 5 for $7.95.

The street tacos are filled with onions, cilantro, grilled onions and a big grilled jalapeno on the side. Customers line up to get their street taco fix on corn tortillas. Order at the window, grab your plate, eat and walk back to the register to pay for the food. It’s an honor system.

“We want them to enjoy as many they can,” Esparza said. “We just ask them how many tacos did you have? And they let us know.”

The business got its name from the customers who kept asking Cerrillo for “Taquitos.”

Neighborhood Eats was provided a sample of the street tacos starting with lengua or cow’s tongue. It sounds disgusting but is, in fact, an excellent taco. ¡Qué Rico!

Taquitos West Ave
Taquitos West Ave serves six kinds of street tacos but no sides like rice and beans.

The same can be said of the cabeza (cow’s head) and the tripas (cow’s intestines). 

That doesn’t diminish the goodness of the suadero (brisket) and the bistek (steak) tacos. They are tasty too but after eating cow head, intestines and tongue the former almost seems mundane.

Overall: Cerrillo’s success is, certainly, in the consistency of his street tacos. It also stands in the simplicity of the menu. You know what you’re going to order and what it’s going to taste like. Yes, it’s a restaurant but it still has a taco stand energy. That’s a good thing. With the volume of customers who line up for his street tacos flipping tables quickly is a positive. These are simply some of the best street tacos in town. He has a second location on Nacogdoches Rd. That location does serve sides.

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