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Inside RX Baked Goods and Coffee Corner in Floresville | Neighborhood Eats

This town is now home to RX Baked Goods and Coffee Corner in the same building. There's two registers at the counter where you'll meet both passionate owners.

FLORESVILLE, Texas — Calling all with a sweet tooth: there's two small town businesses that each have a big menu to choose from. They operate in the same building, and recently opened to the public.

The businesses are RX Baked Goods and Coffee Corner. Their building is located on 1301 Hospital Boulevard in Floresville.

First, we spoke to owner and founder of RX Baked Goods, Roseann Ximenez. She told us how they're, "Two separate businesses, but we've come together to do what we both do best individually, even better together."

Her initials are RX, and for those familiar with the healthcare company, GoodRX, it's a little play on words as she said her products can "cure" any sweet tooth.

"I always had a dream to open a bakery. I didn't know that it would happen in my hometown," said Ximenez. "I just had a knack for baking."

She has a background in corporate accounting, so she told us how she can successfully run the books for her own business. And the business all started with her iconic chocolate chip cookies. It's what people would order the most before she founded her brick and mortar business.

Credit: Lexi Hazlett/KENS 5

And she uses that cookie dough recipe for another sweet treat.

"The Ultimate Brookie. That starts off with a chocolate chip cookie dough layer at the bottom. We sandwich double-stuffed Oreos in the middle and pour brownie batter on top," said Ximenez.

Credit: Lexi Hazlett/KENS 5

And for those who need a pick-me-up, you can walk over to the left side of the building to grab a drink from Coffee Corner. 

The most popular? The Caramel Macchiato.

Credit: Lexi Hazlett/KENS 5

"That one is a staple here. A lot of customers come for the Caramel Macchiato. That one has caramel drizzle, caramel syrup, a couple of shots of espresso and whipped cream," said owner Denise Petrovich-White.

She also made us the Cotton Candy Red Bull Spritzer.

Credit: Lexi Hazlett/KENS 5

"I actually had a customer ask me if i could make it because she tried it somewhere else," said Petrovich-White. It’s Red Bull with syrup and cream followed by a sweet cream poured on top.

These businesses are a reflection of the town. It’s growing tremendously, and they’re each making their mark.

Credit: Lexi Hazlett/KENS 5

"Every time I drive up to the bakery or I drive away, I'm just blown away by the fact that it really has come true and that I get to share it with more people than I ever thought I would," said Ximenez.

"I've had many different lives. I call them different jobs that I've done. And this one is just honestly the best, " said Petrovich-White. "I love coming to work. I love to see the community and get to talk to people, and still be a part of something."

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