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PB&J sandwich shop takes concept to the next level | Neighborhood Eats

You can do a classic PB&J with strawberry or grape jelly. Or, you can take it further.

SAN ANTONIO — Many of us remember the days of packing a sack lunch with a tasty peanut butter and jelly sandwich inside. And one South Texas business wanted to re-create that nostalgia, but with his own personal twist.

We visited PB&J with Tay on 5335 McCullough Avenue.

"We're San Antonio's first peanut butter and jelly restaurant," said owner and operator Jeremiah Burns. "There's about four or five in the nation. But, what we wanted here was to stay nostalgic, to stay a little closer to that childhood classic that we all grew up on."

You can do a classic PB&J with strawberry or grape jelly. But, he recommends taking it to the next step. You can add bacon, egg, candied jalapeños  -- or all three -- to your sandwich.

However, one of their best-sellers is The Make My Tay.

Credit: Lexi Hazlett/KENS 5

It has raspberry jelly, cream cheese, peanut butter and bacon.

But, they only get more extravagant.

The Double Decker Texan

Credit: Lexi Hazlett/KENS 5

"It has strawberry jalapeño [jelly], blackberry jalapeño [jelly], bacon, creamy peanut butter and Texas toast," said Burns. "Here we do an everything's bigger in Texas kind of concept."

But, the one that takes a lot of us back -- peanut butter and banana! Although, take it to the next level and order The Pooh Bear which also has honey and walnuts.

Credit: Lexi Hazlett/KENS 5

"We built the concept based on feeling like you're at home, and that's exactly what you'll feel when you get in here," said Burns. The store is on the second floor of the large building. You'll climb some wooden steps and open the door to find a rustic sort of feel with dining tables that look like the kind you'd sit at when you're gathering for a family dinner!

And the business is dedicated to his daughter, Tay.

"When I had my daughter, she completely changed my life. And I always just wanted to honor that and put her name in lights," said Burns.

All while taking one bite of nostalgia at a time.

"Come in, smile, have a sandwich with us," said Burns. "Really, just for a moment, kind of escape what life has out there."

For more information about PB&J with Tay, like their hours and full menu, click here.

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