FLORESVILLE-Randy Sawers and wife Jenna benefit from the unplanned. The retired Austin firefighter wanted to open a barbecue trailer in Floresville. Yeah, nice try.

"It was just going to be the trailer. Just lay back and kinda open when we want," Sawers said.

He and son Will built the Two Sawers BBQ and Catering Co. trailer. They rolled out in Dec 2015. That's when an unplanned seed took root. In June 2017, the business was so good they moved into a brick and mortar next to a donut shop.

"Three weeks into it our customers were telling us yawl need to get a building," Sawers said.

Coming up with a name was pretty simple. They are Sawers not Sawyers. And, they said you'll find two Sawers at their business at all times. Located at 656 10th Street the BBQ joint is open Tuesday-Saturday. Tuesday is seafood only.

"So the menu was an evolution. When we started over there it was nice and simple," Jenna said. " Once we got over here we needed to expand it a little bit."

Homemade beef sausage, St. Louis style ribs, brisket, fried catfish, fried shrimp, fried oysters, sides made from scratch and home cooked desserts fill the plates of the patrons. Most notably, they stake a claim as the home of the ugly pecan pie.

"When it sits on the plate it's not very pretty but it sure does taste good," Jenna said.

Neighborhood Eats had to see what all the fuss was about. The Sawers provided a huge sampler starting with their tender ribs.

"You can pick up a rib too fast or you'll wind up with just the bone," Sawers said.

He was right. ¡Que Rico!

Next, the homemade beef sausage in a pork casing dipped in BBQ sauce made with smoked meat drippings. Wonderful!

The Sawers served us a small hill of brisket to taste. Tender and delicious!

As for the sides, the baked beans, coleslaw and corn spoon bread are a hit.

The desserts were delectable! The key lime pie was worth every chew. The ugly pecan pie is a major! ¡Que Rico!

Take a trip to Floresville? Stop by the friendly space of Two Sawers BBQ and Catering Co.

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