SAN ANTONIO - Ceaser Zepeda's latest restaurant venture has the flavor of the Mexican coast. In October, he opened Ceviche Ceviche in San Antonio's Stone Oak.

"I personally love ceviche and I seek out places that really have a good one," He said.

Ceviche Ceviche is a build a bowl concept for ceviche.

"We wanted something fresh, fast, healthy and ceviche is really one of those that's a crowd pleaser in San Antonio," Zepeda said.

The space at 18360 Blanco Road is about 1200 sq ft with aquatic touches right down to the service counter designed to look like fish scales.

Team Zepeda preps 30 items every day to serve to Ceviche Ceviche patron in bowls.

"The idea is for you to choose your own but we have some things to get you started with," He said.

Unlike his popular restaurant Sangria on the Burg, ceviche in a bowl may take a little more salesmanship from time to time Zepeda admits. He said once customers get a sample they're on board.

The build a bowl of ceviche is a five part process that includes size, protein, style, toppings and sauce.

"If you like fish. If you like shrimp. If you don't like any seafood you can have tofu or pickled mushrooms that we've done," he said. "People have come in saying I don't want to try it. They try the mushrooms---mushroom ceviche and they are blown away."

Neighborhood Eats dropped a hook for a taste test starting with the lime-marinated San Antonio bowl. Among the fresh ingredients: Shrimp, avocado, red onions, and jicama. Delicious!

The second bowl came with fish, shrimp, tiger's milks, jalapeno ginger soy over rice. It came paired with tostadas. Delicious!

Zepeda is introducing other items to the menu like quesadillas and soup. He let Neighborhood Eats in on the soup of the day: Fideo con Pollo. ¡Qué Rico!

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