SAN ANTONIO - Before cowboys compete at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo most of them put something on their stomach.

"They eat on the road most of the time," Georgette McCue said. "They eat fast food."

McCue is with the San Antonio Rodeo hospitality committee making sure the competitors are not only fed and feel like they are at home.

"Some of them do have a wife and kids with them," McCue said.

The cowboys and cowgirls come into a comfortable hospitality area where toiletries are available. The centerpieces on the tables are made of snacks. Then, there's the food they eat for the 18 days the rodeo is open.

The meals are donated or sponsored for the competitors. Members of the committee pitch in by cooking dishes too. The cowboys, however, don't eat everything.

"They don't like chicken unless you disguise it in cheese and creamy sauce," McCue said. "They love the salad bar. Their wives love the salad bar."

The menu changes each day. But the routine for chow time does not. McCue said rough stock competitors generally eat following their competition. She said the rope category competitors eat before they ride.

Neighborhood Eats got a chance to see the committee in action as they laid out a salad bar, chicken fried steak, creamy white gravy, potatoes, an assortment of dessert and a beverage of their choice.

The meal really does taste like home.

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