Looking for new food at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo? Great! Neighborhood Eats has you covered.

We found vendors making a case for customers to stop by their eatery.

Big G's already offers elk hot dogs so adding venison burgers to the menu was a natural progression.

"Something different," Nate Waothour said. "Something new."

Waothour said the grilled deer burgers come with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, cheese, bacon and choice of condiments. It was a pretty good eating. More importantly, the venison did not have a gamey taste.

Waffle Chix

Chris and Tanner Taylor came more than 1,000 miles from Iowa to introduce their award-winning Waffle Chix to the San Antonio Rodeo.

Don't expect to see any women manning their food trailer. It's just a gracious father and athletically built son. The other co-owner couldn't make the trip.

"We thought it would be funny for three guys who owned it to be Waffle Chix," Tanner said. "It's kind of a play on words."

The Taylors have a custom waffle iron where they cook skewered breaded white chicken meat covered in waffle batter.

Neighborhood Eats sampled their 'chix' with syrup and with hot sauce. ¡Qué rico! (For you Iowans, that means Waffle Chix is wonderful!)

They also offer a Milky Way Waffle on a stick. Imagine a waffle with chocolate drizzled across it. ¡Qué rico! Neighborhood Eats grabbed a taste of it at a food contest at the rodeo.

Good Old Burgers

Joe Atkinson admits Good Old Burgers tried to stack the deck against the competition. The stand where he works is selling Fajita curly fries. It is something to behold.

"We have nacho cheese topped off with the beef Fajita and sauteed red and green peppers topped with onions," Atkinson said.

The mound of potatoes is like a two-layer cake of curly fries with meat, peppers, and onions on top. Dripping down the side of the fries is a gush of cheese. ¡Qué rico!

"This is great," A customer said.

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