SAN ANTONIO - The old adage says a man's home is his castle.

In Christopher Allega's case, his business which resembles a castle is where his highness serves the people.

"I'm a knight," He said.

Of course, he's a knight. Who else would own a dessert stand with a castle facade he rolls out to places like the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo?

The eatery churns out all manner of desserts even fried sweet treats.

"Ooey gooey desserts to ice cream,"Allega said. "We'll fry your shoes if you want me to."

Allega's latest creation is called a Cracker Jack Sundae. The dessert is influenced by his Ohio roots and an urge to invent.

"This just came to me," He said.

The Cracker Jack Sundae is the time-tested peanut and caramel popcorn, ice cream, hot fudge caramel, whip cream and M&M's served in the Cracker Jack box. ¡Qué rico!

Among the funnel cakes and other sweets, Neighborhood Eats found baklava being sold by Santa Lucia. The North Dakota and Canadian based restaurant sells Mediterranean food too.

Operations manager Derek Coborn said the baklava comes from a wonderful time-tested recipe.

"It's layered phyllo dough with crushed almonds, walnuts, Greek mountain honey, cinnamon, sugar," Coborn said.

A sample of baklava didn't impress Neighborhood Eats. ¡Qué pena!

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