SAN ANTONIO-The views at La Cantera Resort & Spa are breathtaking. The food at their restaurants is pretty amazing too.

Sweetfire Kitchen is one of eight places to get food at the plush hilltop resort.

"It's our American style restaurant," Chef Robert Carr said. "We feature a lot of steaks. A lot of Texas-inspired dishes. A lot of Gulf seafood."

Carr said the restaurant with its panoramic views is a family-friendly space open to the public.

Sweetfire Kitchens is participating in San Antonio Restaurant week with lunch and dinner menus through January 27. The options highlight food of the season.

"The whole balance of the menu is what's in season right now," He said.

Neighborhood Eats was provided with lunch and dinner samples. For lunch, the taste test began with winter squash soup (On the dinner menu too) topped with bacon drizzle.¡Que Rico!

The restaurant paired their addictive garlic fries with a pork belly grilled cheese sandwich. The pork belly is brined in Dr. Pepper, slowed cooked for hours and fried before it hits the sandwich. ¡Que Rico!

Lunch also includes a Hazlenut pesto baked pasta: Sauteed shrimp, confit tomatoes, and house-made ricotta cheese. ¡Que Rico!

The cost for lunch is $15. Dinner is $35.

Sweetfire Kitchen's dinner menu starts with a pear salad with candied pecans, blue cheese and creme de cassis-honey dressing. Delicious!

There are two choices for entrees: Paella or a sirloin filet.

Clams, mussels, octopus, mussels, shrimp and saffron rouille make up their paella. Wonderful!

The sirloin filet served medium rare for supreme tenderness, is served with potato fingerlings and green beans. ¡Que Rico!

For dessert on both menus, Sweetfire invigorated a classic. They are serving chocolate-mandarin baked Alaska. ¡Que Rico!

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