SAN ANTONIO-The Boiler House Texas Grill & Wine Garden has been pleasing patrons at the Pearl for nearly six years.

During San Antonio's Restaurant Week customers have a chance to heighten their happiness.

Chef Jeff White said he's elevating homestyle southern dishes as offering to the run on restaurants through Jan 27.

"Southern houses don't produce skinny boys," White joked.

The same houses don't produce food skinny on taste either. The Boiler House has a reputation for having boundless cuisine.

"It's eclectic yet at the same time it's very welcoming," He said.

Come to 312 Pearl Pkwy to dine on a variety of fixings like octopus, bison ribeye, and stuffed quail.

For San Antonio's Rrestaurant Week, the special menu is everything from braised short rib meatloaf to a barbacoa three cheese grilled cheese sandwich with tomato basil soup. Dinner, by the way, is three courses for $35.

Neighborhood Eats wanted to tap into their lunch menu for $15. White provided their three-course menu starting buttermilk biscuits stuffed with honey cured country ham, arugula, sorghum butter and lathered with orange marmalade. ¡Que Rico!

The espresso braised pot roast atop of mushrooms, sweet potatoes, lardons and grill cipollini. ¡Que Rico!

The same, if not more, can be said for the smoked tomato bisque served with a three cheese portabella grilled cheese sandwich (jarlsburg, muenster, and smoked cheddar).

Dessert is a delightful lemon chess pie. It is a must taste for dessert lovers. ¡Que Rico!

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