SAN ANTONIO - April Ward's dreams have always been connected to music. Her latest seeks a chord with music and food lovers.

Ward opened a sandwich shop on San Antonio's eastside called OnLive Hall of Fame Cafe.

"It's bringing back memories of the old times. Happy Days scene," Ward said.

Ward goes by the stage name of 'Mz Pantheress.' She said the name comes from her adoration of panthers.

The name really got its miles during the time she was connected to the music industry. The business owner was an assistant to soul singer, Garland Green, whose 1969 hit was 'Jealous kinda of fella.' Now, Mz Pantheress puts together a quarterly digital magazine called OnLive Magazine, featuring music legends and new artists.

Her vision for OnLive Hall of Fame is a place where customers can a bite to eat and soak up good music too.

"We play Motown music and all that during the day," She said.

Album covers, OnLive Magazine articles and vinyl 45 records hang on the wall. There's a small walk of fame complete with stars roped off with plastic streamers. Mz Pantheress wants the place to have the feel of Memphis' Stax Museum of American Soul Music.

The menu at the eastside eatery is all about subs, sandwiches, wings and fries.

"All of our items have musical names," She said. "We have the Club 45, the LP, The Rock and Roll and now we have the Mariachi Stck."

The wings come in an assortment of flavors are air fried as are the French fries. She said the wings and fries have names like the opera wings because they make you holler (A sign of goodness).

Loaded French fries in most restaurants are called just that - loaded. At OnLive Hall of Fame Cafe, they are called the 'Hip hop fries.'

Neighborhood Eats was provided a sampler of Mz Pantheress' menu starting with Cajun, Buffalo and BBQ wings. The wings are reportedly hot sellers. Nothing to sing about for our palate but they were hot and fresh.

The air-fried 'Funky fries' (seasoned crinkled taters) were good.

Neighborhood Eats couldn't wait to taste the three layers of beans, cheese, chicken, onions, jalapenos, tomatoes and lettuce on a tostada. She calls it a Mariachi stack. Delicious!

Mz Pantheress offers a mega-sandwich with a name that's just as large. Joe's R & B special is also written on the menu as the 'I don't give a dam thang sammich.' The sub, served on a hot buttered bun, comes with a half pound of ham, turkey, pastrami, roast beef and a bevy of toppings. It is one messy eat but worth it! ¡Qué rico!

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