SAN ANTONIO - Mark's Outing is a burger business with a beefy story.

The 48-year-old owner went from a prison sentence to a proprietor of a restaurant serving some of the best burgers in town.

Mark Outing went to prison for three years. In 2005, after being a car salesman, he and a business partner opened Fatty's burgers and More at 1624 E. Commerce Street.

"We really wanted to do burgers and what we were trying to do is come up with some different," Outing said.

The husband and father of four said they wanted to provide a different product for the east side. One of those is his 'Fatty's burger.' It's a quarter or half a pound of beef, cheese, and the trimmings.

"We're still old-fashioned here," he said. "We still take patties, we ball them up with the hand and put them on the grill."

Food isn't the only thing cooking at the home of the original Fatty's burger. Outing's faith in God is proudly on display. The space is marked with a bible scripture on the window and "Jesus is Lord" on the exterior wall. For eight years, his church used to gather at his property for service.

"I am a follower of Jesus Christ and we seek to glorify God in all we do here," he said.

Outing is the sole owner of the burger business now.

While meeting with a local marketing firm about burger branding one of the employees could not believe his name was Mark Outing. The new brand was born at that moment: "Mark's Outing."

The menu is still burger driven with 11 burgers, fish, chicken and an assortment of sides wait for patrons who want nice portions for under $10.

Outing provided Neighborhood Eats with three menu samples. First, his home seasoned catfish fillets, fries and buttered bread. Good!

Next, we sampled his prestigious burger called 'The Heisman.' It's a fat all beef patty, bacon, cheddar cheese, avocado and the trimmings. Que Rico!

Neighborhood Eats ended out taste test tour with Outing's famous ice cream burger. The beefy bite is dressed any way you like it. Then, the burger is topped with deep fried ice cream which comes in three flavors. We chose vanilla.

The key to eating the ice cream burger is to smash the fried ice cream down on your patty and eat. It was great! Children would love this one.

Outing said his business is a gift from God.

"I did three and a half years in prison. And, upon release God has been nothing but gracious and good to me," he said.

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