SAN ANTONIO - Pizza didn't just get real for Alejandro Perez.

The 24-year-old has been in love with the go-to grub of meetings, game time activities, parties, church events, and the plethora of moments requiring the five letter 'p' word that comes in a cardboard box.

"I love making pizza and you can't go wrong with pizza," Perez said. "Everybody love's pizza."

At 24-years-old, he is the owner of The Last Slice Pizza at 3021 MacArthur View. He put the wheels in motion for the business last October.

Four months ago, the recent graduate of San Antonio's Culinary Art Institute of America started serving his dream to the world.

"This place was a disaster. It took seven months to get to the place where it is now," he said.

Perez found a location where restaurants had come and gone near MacArthur High School. Within that space, the bouncy perfectionist assembles freshly made pizza in two sizes: Large (16") or personal (10").

"So it's either you're hungry or not," he joked.

The eatery is a carryout/delivery business where customers can create their own pizza or order from his stock: Pepperoni, Hawaiian Fresco, screaming vegan, spicy pizza and white delight.

Perez also offers fresh salads and wings (Mild only as he's customizing a hotter flavor).

"This is an open kitchen so there's no secret between us," Perez said.

He said the name of the business came from a brainstorming session with friends over drinks. Thanks to some 'creative' juices The Last Slice Pizza was born.

"Everyone wants the last slice of pizza," he said.

Six days a week, he and a small crew have worked to get his business off the ground. Perez has an unassuming approach to customer service.

All charm aside, Neighborhood Eats wanted to taste his goods. He started us off with his large pepperoni pizza with whole milk mozzarella cheese. ¡Que Rico!

His wings were good too.

Perez finished the sampler with a personal pizza with roasted garlic sauce, garlic, red onions, cherry tomatoes, chicken, and spinach. ¡Que Rico!

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