SAN ANTONIO — The pizza at Stella Public House is worth sitting down for. Neighborhood Eats made a visit to the Southtown pizzeria for our "Perfect Pizza Tour." In our quest to find fine pizza pie, Stella became a great plot on the map at 1414 S. Alamo Street.

"Stella is Italian for star," Seth Williams said.

Williams is the general manager for Stella Public House. The business shares a dual space with Halcyon. "Our parent company is Halcyon," Williams said. "The space is so great, we thought, 'why not make it into two concepts?'"

Halcyon, according to Greek mythology, was a bird with the power to bring peace and tranquility to rough seas. Stella has the power to fill grumbling stomachs with farm-to-table pizza.

"Our specialty is farm-to-table pizzas in small plates," Williams said.

He said they work with local farmers and meat markets to get the freshest ingredients on their menu. That includes a small garden on site for basil and pulling cheese everyday to put on their product.

"Our starter yeast is 300 years old from Italy," Williams said. "And you just keep feeding it. And keep it alive. And take a little bit out and make a batch."

The business also has 20 handles of craft beer.

Neighborhood Eats had to try out all of these farm-to-table touting. Stella provided three pizzas with complimenting brews for the tasting.

They started us off with their popular Southtown pepperoni pizza: Chipotle-based tomato sauce, house pulled cheese, caramelized onions,olives and jalapeno cheddar salami. ¡Qué rico!

The Margherita pizza with house grown purple basil is delicious too.

Our sampler ended with "The bee sting." It's a cheese based pizza with soppressata, caramelized onions, serrano peppers and honey. It's fantastic!

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