SAN ANTONIO — SAN ANTONIO-Rico Montelongo and business partner Mike Gutierrez just knew they could do food better. Their inclination was so strong the two opened a food truck called Ay Que Rico in 2017.

“We just started hitting a lot of the food venues---food trucks especially,” Montelongo said. “And we figured we could give a lot of these guys a run for their money.”

Montelongo said they struggled with a named, but came up with Ay Que Rico which translates to “That’s delicious.”

He said they had a plan, a loan and bought a food trailer. Next, the business partners decided on a menu.

“I guess the slogan is barbecue meets Mexican,” he said.

The menu is simple: Mini tacos, quesadillas and grilled cheese. Any of the meats they serve can be ordered in those forms. The mini tacos come with traditional filling like Asada and Pastor. You can also get them with brisket and smoked barbacoa.

“The must-haves are the brisket grilled cheese and the shrimp grilled cheese,” Montelongo said.

Neighborhood Eats was provided with an Ay Que Rico super sampler. The taste test started with the smoked barbacoa mini tacos. They add tortillas, onions, cilantro and sauce. This is fantastic!

They also make a mean mac-n-cheese. The dish comes topped with a meat of your choice. Neighborhood Eats had pulled pork and queso fresco. The mac and meat has a slight spicy edge to it which makes this sinfully good.

The shrimp grilled cheese sandwich is magnificent! It’s marinated shrimp, Monterey and jack cheeses on Texas toast.

A brisket grilled cheese sandwich was the final offering. Pitmaster Mike Gutierrez smokes the meat for 12 hours over post oak before it hits a mini taco, mac-n-meat or grilled cheese sandwich. This is good brisket.

Ay Que Rico is as good as the name on their food trailer. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to get your own serving.

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