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Loaded birria tacos and tater tots at Frankie J's food truck in San Antonio | Neighborhood Eats

During the pandemic, they were able to get the food truck started. They're now famous for their birria loaded options.

SAN ANTONIO — Who doesn't love loaded tater tots and mini tacos stuffed with birria? One San Antonio food truck is serving exactly that.

"I guess it’s like the birria boom – everybody's doing it. But, we're doing it California style. So, that's what makes us different," said owner of Frankie J's Frank Acosta.

The food truck is normally located at The Farm SA on 9599 Braun Road. However, they also do special events.

"We got started about five years ago," said Acosta. "We were at a marketplace and we started selling fruit cups. From fruit cups, we just blew up."

During the pandemic, they were able to get the food truck started. They're now famous for their birria loaded options.

But, what is birria?

"It originated from Mexico and it blew up in California," said Acosta. "It's a Mexican stew. It takes about two or three hours and it's a slow cooking process. It allows for the spices and everything to mix with the meat, and it gives it that mouthwatering taste."

They stuff their Pizzadilla with the birria. It's 10 inches long, so come hungry!

Credit: Lexi Hazlett/KENS 5

But, we had to see how they make their famous tacos.

Credit: KENS 5

"It comes with onions and cilantro and also the consomme," said Acosta. The consomme is a special broth that adds more flavor. The tacos come with the birria, cheese, hot sauce and jalapenos.

And their tater tots are taken to another level.

Credit: Lexi Hazlett/KENS 5

"They're fried and they have cheese on top with a birria, onions and cilantro," said Acosta.

We also had aguas frescas with chamoy on the rim!

Credit: Lexi Hazlett/KENS 5

Their truck has blown up on social media; they’re always on TiKTok. You can watch their videos here.

"That's what pretty much helped us get where we are at today," said Acosta.

They know how to make some good content. And they’re honest about working with each other as family.

"That's what I like...it gives me a chance to get closer to my family and work with my family," said Acosta. "I just want to thank my wife and my staff because without them -- my food truck -- none of this would have happened."

Click here to explore their website for their full menu, hours and more.

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