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Carriqui opens in San Antonio, serving brisket mole, wagyu and shrimp cocktails | Neighborhood Eats

Inside the home-like building, you’ll find eats like no other.

SAN ANTONIO — An iconic building at The Pearl that was once a saloon was under renovation for almost a decade. It was literally picked up and moved from one side of the lot to the other, so it could become the new restaurant it is now — Carriqui, located on 239 E Grayson Street. And we stopped by on Neighborhood Eats, a KENS 5 original series.

"I want this to be a neighborhood oasis, just like we've branded, just like it used to be a place where workers from the brewhouse were able to come over and just decompress here," said executive chef Jaime Gonzalez. "We like to think that this is a house and you're sitting in this beautiful space that has been here for a long time; over 100 plus years."

Credit: Lexi Hazlett/KENS 5

And inside the home-like building, you’ll find eats like no other.

"For us, it's not about reinventing the wheel and trying to do something completely different —  but in the style of our way —  the things that we feel go good on a plate," said Gonzalez. "We smoked our brisket for about 12 hours in our Mill Scale smoker box. They are out of Lockhart, Texas. Then we let it rest for ten, then we slice our brisket."

And you'll find it pairs well in the Brisket Mole

Credit: Lexi Hazlett/KENS 5

"We accompany that with a manchamanteles which translates to a stained apron due to the chilis," said Gonzalez. "It's a fruit based mole —  kind of in the inspiration and style of say a barbecue sauce."

The Wagyu

Credit: Lexi Hazlett/KENS 5

"That comes out of Hondo. The company is called La Fortaleza and they supply us with a wagyu beef cut, which is a whole primal ribeye that we portion here in house," said Gonzalez. "It’s a pound steak."

The Shrimp Cocktail

Credit: Lexi Hazlett/KENS 5

The Carriqui Nacho 

Credit: Lexi Hazlett/KENS 5

The tostada base is topped with beans, cheese, brisket ends and queso fresco.

"It's a great way of showcasing something that's very familiar to people, but in a different way," said Gonzalez.

Different, but gaining a lot of loyal customers.

"I think it's a very approachable menu for a lot of people from every different culture," said Gonzalez. "I think it's an opportunity for people to get a good feel for what San Antonio is offering and continuously growing."

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Click here for more details about Carriqui.

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