Why we vote: what brought San Antonians to the polls?

Reasons for participating in the primary elections varied from a certain issue to a sense of civic duty.

Thousands of San Antonians showed up at the polls. Casting a ballot means a lot to people, but why?

Voters described voting as “fundamental” and said, “things that these politicians do affect us all, whether you follow politics or not.”

One man said it’s his civic duty. “I’m voting today because I want to contribute to my community. I want to see some better things happen for San Antonio and Texas.”

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Other voters were hoping to see change on particular issues.

“Gun control,” said a woman. “We just gotta do something about what’s been going on in the nation.”

“I want better roads,” another voter said. “Just better roads. Not more roads.”

Several users expressed their belief that just one vote could make a major difference.

“All votes really make a difference,” said one man. “They really add up at the end of the day.”

While folks showed up for different reasons, everyone seemed to agree that anyone eligible to vote should be at the polls.

“We need things to be done as right as possible,” said one man leaving the polls. “Realistically, you’re not gonna make everybody happy. But if everybody votes, then they’ve done their part. And that’s all that can be done.”