Erin Hawthorn wins EXCEL Award for East Central ISD

At East Central High School, history and geography teacher Erin Hawthorn takes the time to help all students, not just the ones in her class.

East Central High School teacher Erin Hawthorn can trace her passion for history back to the second grade.

After falling in love with her favorite subject, she decided to help other children learn about the past in hopes of also teaching them life lessons for the future.

“My favorite thing about my job is definitely the students. Every day, coming in is very exciting,” the history and geography teacher said. “I never know what they’re going to say. I never know what the end of my day is going to be like, so time passes quickly.”

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Hawthorn says that she was honored to be chosen as teacher of the year for East Central ISD.

“I teach every day just wanting to be around my students, but I was very grateful to get the award,” she said.

Her students say that the award is well-deserved and love how she incorporates plenty of creative tools to help her students learn, including music, and always goes the extra mile to help out.

“She’s an amazing teacher,” junior Cesar Ramirez said. “She’s a really outgoing teacher. She helps us out with everything we need. She’s a great teacher.”

“She does a lot of stuff to really help a lot of her students,” junior Cameron Lane said. “I know it’s just more than our classroom. She helps other students to learn a lot and take the best approach and always put her students first. I know that there’s a lot of times she’s put us before herself.”

“I think it’s very humbling, to think that I play a part in anyone’s life but my own,” Hawthorn said. “It makes what I do worth it. It makes me grateful that I have this career and I don’t think I would change any of it.”