Dog smells trouble and saves owners' lives

Owner Ronene Ando and her husband Chris, knew something was up when Ruby, their usually quiet pit bull, would not stop barking.

Attentive and well trained, Ruby the pit bull doesn't bark very often.

"Typically, she only barks for one reason, and that’s if someone is at the door,” owner Ronene Ando said.

So Thursday night, when she wouldn't stop, Ando and her husband, Chris knew something was up:

"That went on for about an hour and a half,” she said. “I guess I figured at that point something was up she got up and went downstairs.” She opened up the gate and was standing down there."

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The Andos had put a propane heater in their basement recently, and immediately Ando smelled carbon monoxide.

Ruby picked up the smell and got her owners’ attention.

"Probably, if it weren't for Ruby, I can’t say. I don’t know"

Ruby is a trained therapy dog through Paws for Love with the SPCA, but doesn't have rescue training- this was all instinct.

"Dogs are typically intuitive, I believe that breed is even more so, with all the research I’ve done, and I think that was it, hands down"

Ando and her husband, Chris, are advocates for pit bulls. She wants the community to know: there are misconceptions about this breed.

"The breed has a bad rap- they are very protective. They are really amazing dogs if they are trained well and kept active."

Now the Andos are forever grateful for what they call “their life saver.”