Customs and Border Protection releases holiday numbers

From December 15 through January 7, U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Laredo seized millions of dollars' worth of narcotics and arrested at least 80 fugitives.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in Laredo had a busy holiday season. The CBP Office of Field Operations seized $12.1 million in narcotics and arrested more than 80 fugitives while handling Christmas and New Year’s holiday traffic at Laredo Field Office ports of entry.

“Our frontline CBP officers are resolute in their commitment to keeping our borders secure at our ports of entry while facilitating significant volumes of lawful trade and travel over the Christmas/New Year’s holiday period,” Laredo Field Office Director of Field Operations David P. Higgerson said. “The enforcement successes are reflective of our ongoing efforts to interdict contraband, degrade transnational criminal organizations and prevent violations of federal law at our ports of entry while employing measures to efficiently process large volumes of holiday traffic.”

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Over a 23-day period extending from December 15, 2017 through the Three Kings/Reyes Magos holiday weekend ending on January 7, 2018, CBP officers at eight ports of entry:

• seized narcotics totaling $12.1 million in street value

• uncovered violations of immigration law resulting in a total of more than 3,500 inadmissibles

• arrested more than 80 wanted fugitives, including three wanted on outstanding warrants of sexual misconduct with children.

CBP officers at South Texas ports seized

• more than 17,700 pounds of marijuana

• more than 205 pounds of cocaine

• at least 480 pounds of methamphetamine

• more than 11 pounds of heroin

• at least $37,000 in unreported currency.

Among the more notable seizures were 5,164 pounds of marijuana seized Jan. 2 in a drywall shipment at Laredo Port of Entry and 129 pounds of methamphetamine seized in a Ford Expedition on Dec. 20 at Roma Port of Entry. CBP agriculture specialists issued more than $27,000 in penalties.

During this same period, CBP officers processed more than 1.7 million private vehicles and buses, 170,000 commercial vehicles, 927,000 pedestrians and issued more than 156,000 I-94 tourist permits. The lion’s share, more than 112,000 permits, were processed at the Laredo Port of Entry alone.

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