Terminally-ill man's dying wish is to see the Cowboys

David said his wife and two boys keep him strong.

A terminally ill man who's been diagnosed with six tumors is asking for help to fulfill a life-long request.

David Hinds is a devoted Cowboy's fan but has never been able to attend a game or meet all of the team's players.

KENS 5 talked to David and his wife Shannon about his fight against cancer.

Shannon said when they were in college, the couple was making plans to get married and start a family. But then David received devastating news.

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"David started having some really bad pain in his right knee," recalled Shannon. "We went back and saw a sports medicine doctor and he was the one who found a large tumor in popliteal space of David's right leg."

David was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. It occurs when cells that grow new bone form a cancerous tumor.

"It's known to come back over and over again and it tends to change every time," said Shannon.

David has had six tumors in the last 10 years. The first time he was diagnosed with cancer, he was forced to amputate his right leg. Throughout the years, doctors also found tumors in both of his lungs, left leg and now, in his pelvic area.

"There were some breaks. In between each reoccurrence and each time, there was a break, I thought okay I'm finished. No more. Then it would come back," said David."It being the 6th time, it's definitely gotten harder and harder each time. This is the probably the hardest because my body has been through so much. It's not reacting the same way that it did the first time or the second or third even or the fourth or fifth. It's taking its toll on my body."

The couple said surgery isn't an option and he hasn't responded to other forms of treatment. They're trying immunotherapy and doctors told them the odds of it working are less than five percent.

But David isn't going to stop fighting. He said his wife and two boys keep him strong. David said he will continue to keep fighting cancer because he wants to see his boys grow up and maybe, see the Cowboy's play one day.

"That would mean a lot. That would mean everything. I've never been to a game at any point in my life. Any of their stadiums. Just alone, to see their new stadium would be a site to see. To meet the players would be icing on the cake," said David.

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In the story that aired on KENS5, David's two boys, Noah and Luke, are shown in the living room at their home. The video of the four family members together was shot by StoryKeeping.