SAN ANTONIO — Spurs' Derrick White is getting to know the city he represents when he puts on the Silver and Black uniform.

Over the offseason, he enjoyed Fiesta 2021, cheered on the San Antonio Missions baseball team, frequented San Antonio FC matches, and explored the historic Missions.

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Now White is letting us all know about his Colorado roots.

The San Antonio Spurs guard joined the Whistle series "Put You On" where he tours us around his hometown of Denver.

As White shows Colorado's amazing sights, he shares how he fell in love with basketball, and how much the state means to him.

"The views are amazing," White said. "There's many hikes here. The Red Rocks is like a great conditioning workout."

Joining White is his wife, Hannah, and his hometown friend and they share their thoughts on Colorado.

Interesting to note is that White admits he is a fan of Mexican food. In fact, he enjoys fajitas as he states while he visits his favorite Mexican restaurant in Denver.

"I'm a Mexican (food) fan," White said. "It's always good to come here and get some good Mexican food. I usually come and get the fajitas."

With White now in San Antonio for several years, it will be interesting to hear him give his verdict on which city has the better Mexican food: San Antonio or Denver.

From White taking us to his favorite ice cream shop to him discovering a new arm workout, get to know White more than ever and his love for his home state.

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