S.A. attorney: Immigrants often targets of corruption


by Phil Anaya / KENS 5

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Posted on January 5, 2013 at 1:44 PM

Updated Saturday, Jan 5 at 2:01 PM

A San Antonio police officer is facing a federal charge after being accused of bribing someone in exchange for cash. That victim happened to be an immigrant, and one local attorney said immigrants are taken advantage of more often than most would think.

Lance Curtright is an immigration attorney in San Antonio, He was shocked to hear about charges against the SAPD officer.
“The issue with the police officer it’s a little bit more egregious in so far as the police are supposed to protect the vulnerable and the weak and in this situation, said Curtright. "If the allegations are true, the officer did the opposite."
FBI agents claim Officer Curtis Lundy promised Kumail Jusab he wouldn’t get in trouble for alleged drug possession if Kumail paid him hundreds of dollars. Jusab recently moved to San Antonio from East Africa in pursuit of the American dream by working and going to school.
“He kept telling me, 'You want your license? You want your record to be clean? It’s only $400,'” said Jusab.
Lundy was arrested Thursday evening and now faces a federal charge of theft of honest services by wire fraud.
“It angers me and disgusts me because we work very hard to build public trust,” said SAPD Police Chief William McManus during a press conference Friday.
Curtright said he has never seen a law enforcement officer abuse their power on an immigrant. However, he claims those chasing the American dream are being taken advantage of quite often, typically by notary publics, or even employers. That’s why Curtright hopes this most recent case will influence policy makers to seek solutions.
“What our lawmakers need to think about is how are we going to have a long-term fix to this type of corruption and this type of taking advantage of weaker ones in our society,” said Curtright.
If convicted Lundy could be sentenced to up to 20 years.