Deer-related accidents up in Texas

Number of deer-related collisions up

SAN ANTONIO - According to a new study, deer-related collisions are up this year in Texas. And, they are more likely to happen at this time of year. 

"It's coming up on the months that the risks are increased: October, November, December are the months that are primarily mating. They're much less cautious, so the odds are increasing that a collision could happen," said Alex Post, a State Farm Agent. 

State Farm released a study saying that dawn and dusk are when deer are most active, so that's when you should be most vigilant.

"Using your high beams as much as possible just to have better vision," is one thing Post said could help avoid collisions. "It's really important to understand that deer can be temporarily blinded by light, so if there are deer in the roadway and you have your high beams on, just pay attention. They could be startled."

If you do end up hitting a deer, it can be pricey. The average claim, they say, is $4000 for an accident.

"If you do see a deer, slam on your breaks, don't swerve. That's a common misconception: People usually swerve and it causes more damage to their vehicle," he said.

It's also a good idea to get photos, call the police and put your hazard lights on.


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