WASHINGTON -- San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro has received U.S. Senate confirmation to become the nation's housing secretary.

The Senate voted 71-26 on Wednesday morning to confirm Castro.

His new role in the administration is part of a broader shuffle of President Obama's Cabinet that includes nominating current housing chief Shaun Donovan to run the Office of Management and Budget.

Castro is seen as a possible Democratic vice presidential nominee in 2016. Obama says Castro has helped revitalize San Antonio, experience he will draw on as head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Castro now becomes one of the highest-ranking Hispanic officials in the administration.

"If you were president, you wouldn't choose a mayor from a city that had failing initiatives. You would choose a mayor who could say 'we can do this and I'll show you the examples from my experience, which was in San Antonio, Texas." Former HUD Secretary and San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros said of the nomination.

Mayor Castro's brother, U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro, released the following statement about the nomination:

"As a brother, I am proud and excited for Julian on his appointment as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Under Julian's leadership, San Antonio became known as a 'city on the rise.' His visionary SA2020 plan led to a healthier, more educated, and prosperous city."

"Over the past few years, the city has gone through an economic and housing renaissance to become one of the fastest growing in the nation. During his time as mayor, Julian has worked with everyone—Democrats, Republicans, and Independents—to get things done for San Antonio. I am confident he will work in the same way to achieve great things for our nation."

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