Typically it's the bride that plans every detail of her big day.

But in this case her groom and his mother took the cake. They performed a wedding dance so hilarious that the video has gone viral with more than 6.5 million views.

Their dance started out traditional and sweet...and then took a turn to out the box.

My mom came to me with the idea, said Wes Ryan, the groom. She said 'hey let's make out dance a little more fun.'

But his mom lives in Houston, so in order to plan Wes made the video in San Antonio and shared it with her long distance. When asked if he is a trained dancer Wes said: I'm pretty much your average white guy with dancing. You just can't think about looking like a fool!

His mom on the other hand learned how to dance formally as a child. Still the hip hop moves proved to be a little challenging like the Superman.

Julie says a friend sent her a video of a similar mother-son dance a few years ago.

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