SAN ANTONIO -- Phone calls and letters dominated the conversation from the witness stand Wednesday as the trial of an Alamo Heights man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend winds down.

It was a courtroom battle over correspondence.

A letter from Thomas Ford to his estranged girlfriend, Dana Clair Edwards,was put forward for the jury. In it Ford writes that he lies in bed crying, agonizing over the lost relationship, wanting her back.

The letter was written the month following their breakup.

Ford is on trial, accused of bludgeoning and stranglinghis 32-year-old ex on New Year s Day in 2009.

Ford was arrested and charged with her death a year later - after police say they found his DNA on a bloody towel that covered the dead woman s face.

She said I was a hayseed from the Hill Country, said Ford's mother, Nancy.

And there were letters going back the other way after the woman s death. This time from the victim s family to the Ford s.

So many, Ford s mother testified, that she felt threatened by the many letters sent by Dana Claire Edward s mother.

'If you think it s a safe place, don t. It s not over until you are dead,' read Nancy Ford from one letter.

Shesaid she received harassing phone calls laced with anger.

Ford s childhood friends took the stand, too. They talked about the 43-year-old s demeanor.
It is one they all characterized as peaceful.

He s one of the kindest people I know, testified Mike Russo, a childhood friend of the defendant.

Another of Ford's friends on the stand Wednesday described him the same way. We used to tease him about not losing his temper, said Chris Senn.

Both sides have now rested. Closing arguments begin Thursday morning.

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