CASTROVILLE-- After more than 37 years, the Medina Valley EMS is history.

The Medina Valley EMS has served in Castroville since 1974.

But, Friday night EMS board members voted to cease operations Sunday at 7 a.m.

The organization is in financial trouble.

Employees have gone without insurance for about one year.

Medina Valley EMS owes the IRS and several employees reported getting bad checks. Many citizens blame the situation on poor management.

Medina Valley EMS was named number one provider of the year by the Texas Department of Health and Human Servicesin 2009. Now the workers who run the calls, staff the trucks and serve the community say they feel left in the dark. But they remain focused on patient care. The hope is that a new non-profit provider will hire some of the workers soon to be unemployed.

Community EMS based out of Hondo will take over services Sunday morning. That organization has hired about 8 of the 25 emergency workers left without a job.

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