SEGUIN -- Investigators say twelve sixth graders are suspected of passingpot aroundat their Seguin school earlier this week.

They say it was a parent that called their attention to the problem at Joe F. Saegert Sixth Grade Center located along the 100 block of N. Bowie Street.

In an effort to alert school officials, police say last week a concerned parent showed up at the school, bringing the student - and the marijuana - along. The parent told authorities their child had been carrying the illegal drug at school the day before.

Campus administrators and Seguin police jointly conducted the investigation.

There were two students who were in possession, said Sean Hoffmann, public information officer for Seguin ISD. And in questioning those students and others, 12 other students were implicated. We believe that they had it earlier in the week and were passing it around. But, again, did not have it in their possession at the time that we concluded our investigation.

Police say the investigation resulted in the detainment of two juvenile students accused of possession of marijuana in a drug-free zone.

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