Vicky Fleming paid about $28,000 for her new Ford Focus. She financed it through Ford Motor Credit and has the $474 payment automatically taken out of her bank account every month.

Last Monday Fleming got an alert on her bank account.

Ford Motor Credit had taken $47,400 out of her checking account, which made her more than $45,000 in the red.

Fleming immediately called her bank and told them what had happened. They said they understood, but still had to freeze her account until it was straightened out.

They also recommended she call Ford and have them reverse the draft and take the correct amount.

When Fleming called Ford, she was shocked at what she heard.

A FMC representative told her to leave the $47,400 draft process and they would send her a check for the difference.

Fleming refused. She said In the first place she didn't have $47,000 inher checking account. She reminded them that it was their mistake, not hers.

Ford and Fleming's bank finally got the issue resolved, four days later.

Friday morning Fleming had access to her money again. Then another alert came: Ford Motor Credit had done it again. They took another $47,400 out of her account.

She called them againand, surprisingly, she was told again to let it ride andthey wouldsend her a refund.

But, she had another idea.

Flemingsuggested to thethe rep that they sendher a $47,000 check and she would pay offthe car.

When they got quiet she said, Sounds pretty ridiculous doesn t it?

Then Fleming called us.

We called Ford Motor Credit s corporate offices and they immediately sent us a statement saying they had a team trying to track down the source of the issue to correct it for the customer.They said they had already reached out to Ms. Fleming.

So,now Fleming has her money back, but says she wasn t given any explanation why it happened or any assurances it won t happen month.

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