With all the new drilling going on just south of San Antonio, new jobs are popping up everywhere.

With a downturn in most of the country, Dimmit County is creating new types of jobs that weren't so popular before.

So, what about being a land man as your next job?

Debra Caldwell became a land man after she was laid off as a real estate attorney.

This is related, so I decided to try this, she said.

The Dimmit County Courthouseis full of land men looking up titles during the week.

They flow out of the clerk's office into the hallways and into any rooms available for research.

County clerk Mario Garcia said, Sometimes I feel like themaitre d'in a restaurant trying to find them a two-by-two-foot space for them to work in.

The land man works for the oil company and it's their job to find clear titles to prospective acreage. This clears the way for the company to lease the land for drilling.

The land man may pull 40 to200 records a day. Debra has been doing the job for six months. She commutes from the north Houston area. Despite the drive, she says she loves her new job.

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