For the first time in the city's history, San Antonio police and firefighters are joining forces and forming a special helicopter rescue unit.

The COSA HELO Team specializes in performing both land and water rescues.

The unit performs all different types of rescue operations, including everything from platform hauls to medical-related transports.

The team is made up of the San Antonio Fire Department's Medical Special Operations Unit, ore rescue swimmers,and the San Antonio Police Department's Blue Eagle Detail, which consists of pilots and crew chiefs.

Together they have trained for hundreds of hours of land and water-based drills.

The helicopter is sent out through the request of officers on scene or 911 dispatchers, and is most frequently used in high-rise or roof top situations, as well as high-water rescues.

First responders say the HELO Team is able to reach those needing emergency medical treatment much faster in critical situations.

The COSA HELO Team been training together for the last two years.

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