Gas prices may be on the downswing but we're still paying a pretty penny at the pump. So we have a few not so common ways on how to save some precious gallons of fuel.

In this day and age we're all in a hurry, but eating on the run may be costing you more than you think. Sitting in that drive through line, engine idling, burns gas. Parking and walking saves fuel and burns calories.

Nobody wants to walk through a hot parking lot, but circlingthe lot for a closer spot is another gas and time guzzler. You'd be less stressed to park a little further away and just hoof it that extra50 feet.

When it comes to parking, head for cover. A shady spot keeps your car cooler, meaning less air conditioning needed. It also reduces the amount of gas that evaporates from your tank. No tree in sight? Grab a shade for your windshield or tint your windows.

Speaking of gas evaporating, check your gas cap. If its loose you may be allowing your fuel to fly away.

Had a bad day? Then mellow out before you get behind the wheel. Studies show having a bad attitude makes us more likely to drive faster and brake harder.

Be a smart shopper. Don't settle for the gas station down the street just because it's the most convenient. Find the best fuel prices around with the KENS 5 Gas Tracker.

And here's my favorite: Check the traffic report before you head out the door. Sitting in bumper to bumper gridlock wastes gas. You can also follow me on Twitter @NatalieTejeda for morning traffic tweets or sign up for our text alertsby texting the keyword TRAFFIC to 53675.

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